• Active Gluten 165:


    active Gluten wheat protein which consist of compressed protein of Gluten and gliadin.the tissue property and elasticity of this material has made the wheat significant from the other grains and also its presence in the floor has led to the favorable tissue and taste of bread. The Gluten has the ability of absorbing water up to twice its weight which is the unique property of this protein. The above mentioned properties from one side and high amount of protein from the other side has led to the wide use of gluten of wheat in floor products ( macaroni,breads,….) and meat products ( salami,sausage and ….). 

    Gluten is used on :

    Food industries such as macaroni and meat derivatives and products, food supplements, volume breads.other uses of Gluten are for the food of Livestock and isheries fas food supplement.



    Property Max.dtandard
    Protein 82 %- 75 %
    Humidity Max %10
    Color White yellowish
    Smell and taste Odorless
      Ash ( sulfated ) % Max %0.2
    Fat Max %0.2
    PH 5/8-6/4
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