• Food starch

    Structure of starch : From the structural point of view,it is a clustered composition of linear polymers whose columned alpha chined links of 1 & 4 are made of units of Glocose and subsidiary branches of alpha links of 1 & 6 .the sturch is reserved in the molecule as energy.in plants the sturch is reserved in cellular bodies called amiloplast

    Sources of starch :

    The starch is found in most of the fruits, grains, cereals, plant, glands ( potato ). 4 significant sources of starch are : corn, potato, wheat and rice.

     Property Max.standard
    Total protein   Max  %0/5
    Humidity Max %12
    Color Transparent white
    Ash ( sulfated ) % %0/2
    Fat Max  %0/2
    PH 5/8-6/4
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    Hours of work 8-16


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