• Industrial Starches

    Industrial starch wheat is major products of Gonabad cultivation & Industry factory that in comparison with other starches contains small amounts of fat , Cellulose, protosans and has a low acidity  and  in front of heat  is  resistant . industrial starch can use as a raw materials for adhesive products .

    The main reason for using this starch is creation of same viscosity in a specific time. therefore this materials is using widely  for carton industry and adhesive industry.

    In addition to  this, the materials is using as a sizing in textile Industry.



      1. carton industry

      2. Textile industry

      3. Industrial adhesives

      4. dextrin and resin-building industry

      5. Production of crockery


    Property Max.standard
    protein % 1-2
    Humidity Max 12
    Ash ( sulfated ) % % 0.5
    Fat % 0.1-0/2
    PH 4-6
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