• Glucose

    The Glucose syrup liquid made of some constitutional sugar named dextrose, maltose, oligosaccharide which is driven from enzyme hydrolyse of sturch. The properties can be stated as humidity stabilization, tissue making, prevention of crystallization of sugar in confectionary and chocolate production….

  • Food starch

    Structure of starch : From the structural point of view,it is a clustered composition of linear polymers whose columned alpha chined links of 1 & 4 are made of units of Glocose and subsidiary branches of alpha links of 1 & 6 .the sturch is reserved in the molecule as energy.in plants the sturch is reserved in cellular bodies called amiloplast

  • Industrial Starches


    Industrial starch wheat is major products of Gonabad cultivation & Industry factory that in comparison with other starches contains small amounts of fat , Cellulose, protosans and has a low acidity and in front of heat is resistant . industrial starch can use as a raw materials for adhesive products . The main reason for using this starch is creation of same viscosity in a specific time. therefore this materials is using widely for carton industry and adhesive industry. In addition to this, the materials is using as a sizing in textile Industry.


  • Animal starch

    From the dry materials collection which is exist in a output wastewater factory , obtain wheat starch that in addition to starch contains barn and protein. This Starch is using in direction of feeding the livestock with specified size.

  • Modified starch


    Property Max.dtandard
    Appearance White powder
    Dextrose Equivalent 15-17
    Moisture ( powder malto )   Max 6
     Ash ( sulfated ) % Max 0.5
    PH 5.2
    Sulfur dioxide Max 10 ppm
    Total protein          % Max 1




  • Active Gluten 165:

    active Gluten wheat protein which consist of compressed protein of Gluten and gliadin.the tissue property and elasticity of this material has made the wheat significant from the other grains and also its presence in the floor has led to the favorable tissue and taste of bread. The Gluten has the ability of absorbing water up to twice its weight which is the unique property of this protein. The above mentioned properties from one side and high amount of protein from the other side has led to the wide use of gluten of wheat in floor products ( macaroni,breads,….) and meat products ( salami,sausage and ….).

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