The company of cultivation & Industry of Gonabad whitch is The biggest unit of Gluten and starch Production in the Khorasan Razavi province has been established in 1991 with the aim of employment , food products and creation of alterant industries.

The Collection with the space of 30 hectare under consideration of all the necessary prerequisite, in direction of development and food industries started its activity. At the first step, Gluten and starch production unit bring into utilization based on flour in 1991 so that this industry introducted as one of the successful units.

Along with the development of technology , this collection increase its production capacity by using modern machinery and by increasing the quality and quantity. Therefore at the moment in addition to starch production with amount of 12000 ton and 2500 ton Gluten, Glucose is also increased to amount of 16000 ton. Gonabad production group of cultivation & Industries acknowledges that all of our development and successes indebted dear customers useful comments and auspices.

Consumer market

Wheat Starch, Gluten, Glucose & Dextrose for food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturers.